MasterChef Tamil 2021 Winner, Runner-up Name, Prize Money

SUN TV’s cooking reality show MasterChef India Tamil 2021 started it’s 1st season with 14 contestants.

These top 14 cooks competed in each and every cooking challenge to make their place in the Grand Finale of MasterChef Tamil Season 1.

Now MasterChef Tamil reached it’s grand finale with top 4 finalists.

On Sunday 14th November 2021, we will see the climax where at the end, one from these 4 will be awarded as the winner of MasterChef India Tamil S1.

The winner of MasterChef Tamil 2021 will get the Trophy πŸ†, MasterChef Coat πŸ‘©β€πŸ³, Cash Prize of Rs. 25 Lakhs πŸ’΅, and some other gift hampers 🎁.

MasterChef Tamil 2021 Finalists

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Sr No.Contestant NameStatusPrize Money
1Krithika Sivanesan2nd Runner-upN/A
2Dr. Nithya Franklyn1st Runner-upN/A
3Devaki VijayaramanWinner25 Lakhs
4Vinny Shukla3rd Runner-upN/A
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MasterChef Tamil 2021 Winner Details

The winner of MasterChef Tamil Season 1 is Devaki Vijayaraman. (Check Exclusive Image)

Winner Name: Devaki (πŸ†)

1st Runner-up Name: Dr. Nithya

2nd Runner-up Name: Krithika

3rd Runner-up Name: Vinny Shukla

MasterChef Tamil 2021 Winner Prediction

As per our prediction, we might see Devaki or Dr. Nithya as the winner of Masterchef Tamil 2021.

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