Imlie: Dev learns Imli is his and Mithi’s daughter

Star Plus’s serial Imlie is up for new twist in the upcoming story when Malini’s Dev learns that Imli is his and Mithi’s daughter.

So far we have seen that Imli met an accident in Pagdandiya where Aditya Tripathi admits her in Delhi’s hospital.

Earlier, Aditya decided to leave Imli in Pagdandiya but unknowingly he brought back her to his city.

The Tripathi’s and Malini’s father are worried post learning Imli’s accident news.

Later on, Dev plans to meet Imli in the hospital, so he packs up some food for her. But here Anu Chaturvedi questions Dev for all this where he fools her.

Dev gets shocked learning Imli’s biological connection

Dev reaches the hospital where Imli gets happy seeing him there. They spend some quality time.

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On the other hand, Imli’s mother Mithi is worried for her daughter.

Here Imli decides to write a letter to her mother that she is okay. Dev requests Imlie to give that letter to him and he will post it.

Imlie handovers that letter to Dev where he gets shocked seeing Mithi’s name on the envelope.

He joins the dots and realizes that Imli is none other than his and Mithi’s daughter.

Now it would be really interesting to see whether Dev will reveal to Imli that he is her biological father.

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