Banni Chow Home Delivery: Manini’s wicked plan against Banni

Star Plus most popular serial Banni Chow Home Delivery is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

Banni starts to clean the toilet when Alpana makes fun of her saying that she is going to smell toilet on her hands when it should have been mehendi.

As Alpana wonders where her scarf is, Banni gives her the scarf that she was cleaning toilet with which makes everyone smile.

Yuvan apologises to Banni and takes her with him. He cleans her hand and ties Jasmine flowers to her hands. He apologises to her and tells her that now her hands won’t smell like toilet anymore while Banni admires him.

He is about her tell her about the Promise made to his Mother after Banni asks him whether he got scared because of anything but Devraj stops him. Yuvan lies saying that he watched a horror Movie.

Devraj then takes Yuvan with him and asks him not to tell Banni about the Promise. Yuvan tells him that his Mother scared him because he broke the Promise.

Devraj thinks that Yuvan has taken the Promise to his Heart and goes to his room but everything is normal over there while Devraj consoles him. Manini overhears their conversation.

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Manini supports Banni

On the other side Banni makes Tiffins after Rajjo comes to there where they vow to make their Mothers happy no matter what.

Banni tells her that this is her pride and this is something she has promised to her Mother. She makes it clear that she won’t leave it while Alpana mocks her saying low class business.

As Banni starts to prepare food, Alpana comes there and tells her that she should not do such works anymore as she is the Daughter in law of the house.

Manini comes to the support of Banni and takes her side while Alpana leaves from there. Banni looks at Manini suspiciously at her changed attitude.

Alpana later questions Manini as to why she is supporting Banni to which Manini asks her to wait and watch making Alpana smile.

Banni sees that the Deliveries are not delivered and gets upset while Manini thinks that this Muh Dikhai Rasam is going to be unique for her.

What more drama is awaiting?

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