Yeh Hai Chahatein: Armaan accuses Rudraksh of Stealing Lord Krishna Idol

Star Plus’s popular drama Yeh Hai Chahatein is gearing up for intense drama where it is going to witness many interesting twists and turns.

Ruhi shouts at Preesha to stop just like she did in the past and tells her that she sings horrible while Preesha defends herself saying this is how she knows to sing.

Saransh who was there, joins them as well and starts dancing. Rudraksh starts dancing too when Ruhi comes out of the washroom. Preesha gets glimpse of the past and she faints there itself after having fits. Rudraksh tells the panicking Kids that it was too much for her to take.

As Rudraksh lifts her up and makes her lie on the bed, Armaan witness the scene and gets furious at him. Armaan attacks him while Ruhi tells him that Preesha fainted and Prem is just helping her. Saransh too supports Prem.

Armaan tells them that he will take care of Preesha and asks all of them to leave the room.

Meanwhile in the College, Raj remember the moment when Pihu danced with Vidyut and gets upset when Pihu comes there.

She asks him as to why did he leave to which he tells her that he was not needed there as she was dancing with Vidyut. He further tells her that they can still win the competition with them singing.

Pihu understands that he is jealous and tells him that he don’t have to be jealous and takes him from there with her to practice.

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On the other side, Rudraksh tells Saransh and Ruhi that during Janmastami he gifted Lord Krishna Idol to Preesha for the Celebration. He tells them that he wants to recreate the moment again.

Rudraksh calls Vidyut and asks him to bring the Lord Krishna Idol and the golden Peacock feather in his closet which Vidyut obeys.

Rudraksh leaves to meet Vidyut while Armaan follows him which Rudraksh doesn’t know. As Rudraksh meets Vidyut as Prem Mali, Armaan clicks the pictures.

Armaan follows Prem Mali

As Prem Mali aka Rudraksh comes back home after thanking Vidyut, Armaan tells Preesha that Prem Mali is involved with Rudraksh and tells her that Ruhi is pretending to have a Memory loss.

Armaan questions Prem while he lies that he doesn’t know Rudraksh to which Armaan shows him the pictures shocking Rudraksh who thinks that his game is over.

In the Upcoming Episodes Rudraksh sees the Lord Shree Krishna Idol and decides to replace it with the one he has gifted to Preesha.

Unfortunately Armaan who has come there sees him and says that he is going to expose him now.

Later Armaan accuses Rudraksh pf stealing the Lord Shree Krishna Idol shocking him.

What more drama is awaiting?

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