Yeh Hai Chahatein: Preesha feels Betrayed by Rudraksh

Star Plus most popular serial Yeh Hai Chahatein is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

Armaan hides the Lord Shree Krishna Idol that Rudraksh has kept there and says that Rudraksh is going to be exposed and Prem will confess himself that he is spy of Rudraksh and Preesha will throw them out.

He decides to show only half of the video so that Rudraksh has no way to get out of this Problem.

Raj tells Pihu that he has been waiting for her so that they both can practice together. Pihu tells him that she don’t want to dance.

Raj asks her why she doesn’t want to dance to which she tells him that he is feeling uncomfortable when he is dancing.

She tells him that she just wants to sing and as they both start to practice, he dances with her shocking her.

As she questions him as to how he is dancing to which he tells her that Vidyut has helped her and he is the one to Teach her. He tells her that she has changed.

Pihu tells him that he can’t change and says that it is Lord Shree Krishna Janmastami while Raj tells her that his Mother used to make Kheer for him.

Ruhi tells Rudraksh that they should go to the house as Preesha has invited them when Preesha comes there. She gives them the new clothes to wear.

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Raj comes there and calls Pihu. He asks her as to why did she call him to which she tells him that she called him to Feed him Kheer and gives it to him.

She apologises for not being able to call him inside to which he Eats the Kheer thanking her for it.

Kanchan says that the Lord Shree Krishna Idol is missing to which Rudraksh says that how did it happen when Armaan accuses Prem of doing so.

Raj Helps Rudraksh

He shows the video to Preesha and says that Prem is lying that he didn’t steal it when Raj hears the chaos. He goes to see that Rudraksh is in trouble when Preesha tells him that he has betrayed her.

Digvijay drags him to send him to the Police. Raj who was there, decides that he should help Rudraksh while Rudraksh thinks that his game is over.

Ruhi comes to Rudraksh’s support and tells them that he hasn’t stolen it. She shows someone when questioned.

After doing Puja with Armaan, she sees the Lord Shree Krishna Idol and her feels dizzy.

What more drama is waiting ahead?

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