Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati: Sargam gets married to Aparshakti Awasthi

Sony TV’s newly launched serial Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati (SKSS) is ready for high voltage drama in the upcoming story.

Sargam as we know who is a cute and simple girl that got married to Aparshakti Awasthi (aka. Appu)

Aparshakti belongs to an atrangi family where there is no ladies in his house. Sargam will be the first lady in the Awasthi’s house.

Awasthi family members include Aparshakti (Sargam’s husband) who is an YouTuber by profession. Anandilal (Grandfather) who is Aparshakti’s Dadaji.

Chedilal is Appu’s father who is a typical miser kind of person that loves his money very much.

Meet the other Awasthi’s

Asha Amar (elder brother) is the eldest son of Chedilal. Aastik is Aparshakti’s elder brother who is a brahmachari.

Alaukik is Appu’s younger brother who has faith in ghost and vampires.

While Eklavya is Chedilal’s youngest son who is very clever and has full focus on his studies.

Akki is Asha Amar’s son whom Sargam loves very much.

Now it would be really interesting to see how Sargam will start her new life in this weird family.

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