MasterChef The Professionals 2021 Eliminations, Quarter-Finals – UK

BBC One recently started UK’s most favourite culinary show MasterChef The Professionals 2021 with awesome professional chef contestants.

These contestants will compete in groups of 4 in different-different cooking challenges in heats, quarter-finals to become reserve their spot in the Semi-finals.

Later on, the semi-finalists will compete in the final cooking challenge to enter in the Finals of MasterChef Professionals 2021.

At the end of the finale cooking challenge, the remaining cook will be crowned as the winner of MasterChef: The Professionals.

Check out below for all the heats, quarter-final results and other updates.

MasterChef The Professionals 2021 News

On 3 December 2021, we will see last Quarter-final with 5 chefs. Let see who manages to move forward in this competition.

On 2 December 2021, we saw final heat with last 4 chefs. At the end judges made a shocking decision by saving 3 cooks i.e. Daniel, Matt and Enrique.

On 29 November 2021, we saw another week with 4 more chefs who competed in the Skill Test and later they cooked their Signature dish. At the end, Samuel and Yasmine made through the quarter-finals.

MasterChef The Professionals 2021 Eliminations

On 2 December 2021, at the end of the last heat, only Gina got eliminated from MasterChef Professionals 2021.

On 29 November 2021, at the end of the day, Allwyn and Robbie got eliminated from MasterChef Professionals 2021.

On 26 November 2021, at the end of the 3rd Quarter-Finals, Andy and Ollie got eliminated from MasterChef Professionals 2021.

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Sr No.Contestant NameWeekStatus
1Nico Fitzgerald1st weekEliminated
2Lauren1st weekEliminated
(8 November 2021)
3Daniel Lee1st weekSemi-finalist
4Dario Carvalho1st weekEliminated
(8 November 2021)
5John Clements1st weekSemi-finalist
6Anthony1st weekEliminated
7Rhodri Davies1st weekEliminated
(11 November 2021)
8Budiono1st weekEliminated
(11 November 2021)
9Charith2nd weekEliminated
10Kirsty Rattray2nd weekEliminated
(15 November 2021)
11Jamie Holme2nd weekSemi-finalist
12Eddie Saint2nd weekEliminated
(15 November 2021)
13Elena2nd weekEliminated
14Trung2nd weekEliminated
(17 November 2021)
15Aaron Middleton2nd weekSemi-finalist
16Wesley2nd weekEliminated
(17 November 2021)
17Mathilde Papazian3rd weekEliminated
(22 November 2021)
18Ollie3rd weekEliminated
19Liam Rogers3rd weekSemi-finalist
20Nic3rd weekEliminated
(22 November 2021)
21Ryan Baker3rd weekSemi-finalist
22Thom3rd weekEliminated
(25 November 2021)
23Andy Bright3rd weekEliminated
24Jake3rd weekEliminated
(25 November 2021)
25Samuel Mcclurkin4th weekQuarter-finalist
26Yasmine Selwood4th weekQuarter-finalist
27Allwyn Diaz4th weekEliminated
(29 November 2021)
28Robbie Jameson4th weekEliminated
(29 November 2021)
29Matt Willdigg4th weekQuarter-finalist
30Daniel Marreiros4th weekQuarter-finalist
31Gina4th weekEliminated
(2 December 2021)
32Enrique Garcia4th weekQuarter-finalist

**we will add/update contestants list every week.

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